Tampon printing, emblem making , print form (cliché), tampon rubber and holding device manufacturing

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Printing activities

Tampon printing

A Tampon printing is one of the most important types of labelling and emblem making.

Tampon printing is an indirect rotogravure printing procedure. Certain recesses are made into a cliché: this is the prints (prints image). The recesses are filled with ink and then a smooth and resilient stamp made from silicone rubber takes some of the ink and transfer it onto the item which needs to be printed. The stamp which transfers the ink is called tampon which gives its name to the procedure itself.

It is possible with the tampon printing machines to put markings, figures and emblems onto surfaces which are not plain too. This procedure ensures the appearance of the figures without any deterioration on any kind of commodities because of the direct ink transfer. Tampon printing offers many specific solutions for labelling wide ranges of materials (wood, glass, ceramic, plastics, metals, paper, leather, clay, etc.) and shapes of products.

Tampon printing to promotion items

KThis procedure can be used for different types of materials, goods of daily use and promotional items: pen, pencil, key rings, pendrive, office supplies, calendar/diary, notebook (pocketbook), lighter, wall clock, calculator, promotional gifts, etc. Tampon printing is also recommended technique to print thin lines onto round, arched, hollow/concave and plane surfaces.

Our services in connection with tampon printing::

  • graphical preparation
  • film making, separation into four basic colours
  • cliché making
  • tampon printing in 1-6 colours
  • tampon printing rubber making
  • other logistic and packing services
  • delivery of the printed products

Graphic and image design

Image design is the process with which a company can unite its various forms of appearances. It is important for every company to present its unified appearance to the existing and prospective clients too about a business card, a website, a sign-board or a company car.

The image as a form of advertising has also a very significant role. There are a lot of forms of advertising and most of them are very expensive. An article or a paid banner is not cheap but combined with a proper image at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place can bring new clients. If the client contacts the company as a result of its promotion, it is half a success. If the product or service offered by the company is convincing, then the client will probably choose it. In order to achieve this, a well-designed image is needed. Our company helps to create the most adequate form of image according to the demands and ideas of the client.

We undertake any kind of design of printing, image and design elements with a short deadline and at the most favourable price.

Our services:

  • Creation of website and design
  • Design of banner
  • Company image design
  • Modification, processing and cutting of pictures 
  • Image design
  • Design of logo, business card
  • Design of flyers and poster
  • Design of catalogue, book
  • Design of envelope

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